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One quarter of US
birds need our help
to keep them from
slipping toward
e x t i n c t i o n.

Many common bird species in US and Canada have fallen by at least half since 1967.

Habitat loss is considered to be a major factor in the declines of bird population.


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Birds: Conservation and Photography

Bird Photography is one of the most challenging and demanding areas in nature photography. Birds are often elusive and not particularly cooperative subjects. Most are rather small, shy, and keep their distance. They are fast and don't stay still for long. They hide and are camouflaged in the foliage.

They are the most beautiful creatures in the world, and many of them we might soon see only on pictures. They need our help, and so does our environment.

On this site you will find over 2000 bird pictures. Some of them, however not perfect (for above reason) were kept for documentation of their behavior.

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